Trinity Lutheran Bible Camp is staffed with adults who have education and experience in such areas as Youth Leadership Training, Family Sciences, Child Development, Professional Medical Training, Biblical Counseling, and Pastoral Training. We will use our staff’s knowledge and experience to ensure a safe, fun environment for all participants.


Please review the following policies.

Discipline Policy:

All Counselors will be instructed on forms of discipline. At no time will physical contact be allowed unless it is necessary for the safety of Camp participants. All discipline will be discussed with a staff member, Counselor, and Camper and carried out within a respectful and non-harmful manner.

All steps will include prayer and Bible Scripture. †

In the event your Camper is in need of discipline due to behavior unacceptable at Camp the following process will occur:

  • First situation = Discussion about circumstances and a warning
  • Second need for discipline = “Time Out” from activity with possible opportunity for additional Kitchen Patrol or other added chore
  • Third time may result in a phone call home to discuss our options.

In very rare instances, the Director may request a Camper or Counselor be removed from the Camp by a parent or legal guardian. Actions that may lead to this would include: repeated discipline problems, and/or illegal or illicit behavior (again, this is RARE).


TLBC Dress Code Policy:

As a Christian Camp, every aspect of our appearance should reflect our Christianity. In our calling to make TLBC an environment that is safe, healthy and conducive to Christian training & teaching and promotes the respect and dignity of all participants, please follow the below guidelines as you pack for your camp adventure.

Bring clothing or accessories that respect everyone.

Please leave at home anything that is demeaning or degrading to individual groups of people, promotes violence or illegal activity (weapons, alcohol, tobacco or other drug use), exhibit sexual innuendoes, vulgarity or profanity, or gang affiliated apparel.

*Please also keep in mind:

Undergarments (underwear and bras) must be covered at all times.

-This includes boxer shorts and bra straps. Please be sure your outer clothing is thick enough to truly cover your undergarments.

-Clothing should cover your midriff, back (and lower back), shoulders, chest (and yes, ladies, cleavage). Short shorts are best left at home.

-T-shirts and tank tops (2 straps please) are appropriate styles for tops

-Swimwear should be one-piece or modest 2-piece that covers the belly if possible.