Trinity Lutheran Bible Camp Dress Code and Discipline Policy:

Please be reminded that this is a Christian camp and every aspect of our appearance should state that. When packing, remember that we have adopted our guidelines from a Biblical point of view. In our calling to make TLBC an environment that is safe, healthy and conducive to Christian Training and Teaching and promotes the respect and dignity of all participants, the following guidelines will be enforced during all Camp activities and events.

Do not wear clothing or display emblems or accessories that:

 Demean or degrade individual groups of people

 Promote violence or illegal activity (weapons, alcohol, tobacco or other drug use)

 Exhibit sexual innuendoes, vulgarity or profanity

 Are determined by law enforcement to be affiliated with gangs, including bandanas and other paraphernalia.

 Shoes, sandals or flip-flops must be worn at all times except when in the water at the lake

 Undergarments (and clothing worn as undergarments) MUST be covered by outerwear

 Clothing should cover your back, shoulders, chest and midriff

 Shorts should be at least two hand widths down on the thigh

 Pants should be worn so that they do not sag – we do not want to see your underwear at all!

 Tanks tops are allowed with wide straps

 All shirts must have 2 straps – no slings or tube tops!

 Swimwear should be one-piece or modest 2-piece that covers the belly

-Shirts and pants or shorts must be worn at all times in the lodge except in between afternoon sessions – you may come in for snack. If you are staying in the lodge you must change!

-NO see through clothing is allowed for males or females

Trinity Lutheran Bible Camp is staffed with adults who have education and experience in such areas as Professional Medical Training, Youth Leadership, Community Health, Child Development and Biblical Counseling. All staff on the premises is involved in Christian growth through their home church and most have raised or are raising children. We thank you for trusting us to the Christian nurture of your children. In the event that discipline is necessary please be aware of the All discipline will be discussed with a staff member, Counselor and Camper and carried out within a respectful and non-harmful manner. It will include PRAYER and SCRIPTURE! †

In the event your Youth is in need of discipline due to behavior unacceptable at Camp the following process will occur:

1) First situation = Discussion about circumstances and a warning

2) Second need for discipline = “Time Out” from activity with possible opportunity for additional Kitchen Patrol or other added chore

3) Third time may result in a phone call home to discuss our options.

In very rare instances, it may be requested that a Counselor or Camper be removed from the Camp by a parent or legal guardian. Actions that may lead to this would include, repeated discipline problems, illegal or illicit behavior (again, this is RARE). Please review these expectations with your Campers and contact me if you have any

We do not enter Camp with the expectation that these events will occur; rather we expect a WONDERFUL time to be had by ALL! God Bless your preparation for Millersylvania!