Trinity Lutheran Bible Camp Counselor Job Description
The following is a detailed outline of the jobs and responsibilities of a TLBC Counselor. These descriptions are to be used in accordance with the Conduct Policy and Expectations of a Counselor.
Since this is a volunteer position, many of you may find the work you do also appropriate for use as community service and as experience for job application later. Please feel free to use this description and my name as references for your future work opportunities.
Working in a group setting, the following goals are expected:
1) Love one another as Jesus first loved us.
2) Build up one another.
3) Work together to finish the task set before us.
4) Communicate openly with one another in a positive way.
Further discussion will be held during training to prepare for the safest Camp possible and to help Counselors prepare to keep Campers safe and happy in the cabins!
Please be prepared to:
Job and Responsibility Descriptions:
 Complete task you are asked to do and help those around you without being asked.
 Share frustrations and concerns with an adult and listen to what others have to say.
 Be on time and participate in all activities
 Lead or assist your Bible Study Group in 4 Bible Studies.
 Have an open and willing heart to minister to the spiritual needs of your peers and Campers.
 Oversee the Campers in family style meals each day.
 Provide activities for peers and Campers through games, music, drama and sports.
 Fulfill the duties described as Kitchen, Bathroom and Litter Patrol by the staff.
 Share the responsibility with your Counselor partner to encourage Campers to participate in the morning Polar Bear Swim or Morning Stretch.
 Be personally responsible for the physical, emotional and spiritual well-being of several young children.
 Be responsible to your Campers and Counselor partner, remain with Campers until they are all in bed, and be present at the location assigned during Counselor Time and in your cabin and ready for bed by time indicated on daily schedule.
 Be willing to abide by the guidelines determined by the administration as behavior that reflects Christian behavior and assist Campers in doing the same.


  • 192 community service hours
  • Experience with children and teaching for resumes and applications
  • 8 days of fellowship and faith strengthening activities
  • Opportunity to minister to the next generation of Christians
  • Completed 9th grade and under 21
  • Availability from the evening of July 13 to midday July 21
  • Enrolled in an education program
  • Currently attending church, Bible study, or strengthening your faith in another way
  • Love for God, and children