Things to Bring:

☐ Bag for Wet Clothes
☐ Bible
☐ Bug Spray
☐ Dirty Clothes Bag
☐ Enough Clothing for the Week (Take in consideration weather changes, and that frequent changes may be necessary )
☐ Flashlight
☐ Jacket
☐ Pillow
☐ Prescription Medication (This will be checked in to the camp nurse at drop off.)
☐ Shoes and Socks
☐ Sleeping Bag
☐ Special Sleeping Aids (Stuffed toy, Blanket)
☐ Sun Screen
☐ Swimwear (life jacket if needed)
☐ Toiletries (toothbrush, soap, shampoo, chap stick ect.)
☐ Towels (2)
☐ Twin Size Sheet

Do NOT Bring:

Cell Phones
Ipods, MP3 Players, Video Games, Electronics of Any Kind
Valuables or Money (you will have no use for them)
Water Guns
Weapons of Any Kind (including pocket knives)