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Trinity Lutheran Bible Camp

By the power of the Holy Spirit, we aim to make disciples by teaching each camper about Jesus’ love for them through His life, death, and resurrection. We encourage each camper by showing them their worth as a precious child of God. And we equip them to follow Jesus, putting Him before all else, and resting in the promise given to us by Christ that He is with us.


Virtual Faith, Fun & Fellowship

August 16 & 30th
Youth and Family Events


Spring 2021
High School - 20 years old


July 2021
2nd - 7th Grades


July 2021
High School - 20 years old

Christian growth, fellowship, and fun


"Oh come, let us sing to the Lord; let us make a joyful noise to the rock of our salvation!" Psalm 95:1

Daily Bible Study & Worship

Campers have the opportunity to participate in both Pastor and Counselor lead lessons each morning. Delving deeper into the scripture surrounding this years theme.


Each day Campers will have times where they will have the chance to select which activities they would like to engage in. There will also be many opportunities for Campers to participate in all camp games and activities.

Camp Traditions

Who is Suzie? How do you go bananas? We have a wide variety of traditions that are sure to get you excited! Don't worry if you have never been to TLBC you are sure to catch on quick!

Nightly Campfires

The best way to wrap up a day at TLBC is to come together for campfire. It gives everyone a chance to wind down and bring together all the events of the day.

And so much more…


Trinity Lutheran Bible Camp is held at the Environmental Learning Center located inside Millersylvania State Park.

Situated at the far end of the 903 acre park, the Environmental Learning Center is the perfect outdoor environment to hold camp. The center consists of a lodge, amphitheater, 16 camper cabins, staff cabins, lakefront access, and as much space to run and play as could be needed.


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Donations made to Trinity Lutheran Bible Camp are Tax Deductible and allow us to offer the camp experience to more children every year!


While we do our best to get the word out about camp, the best way to increase camper attendance is still by word of mouth!

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Covid-19 FAQ

Unfortunately, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we will not be holding camp at Millersylvania State Park in 2020

We have a few options available if you have already paid for camp this year:

1. Your payment can be held until TLBC 2021. This option is great for those who want their campers to be part of TLBC next year. As a way to say thank you for your continued support, if you have paid any portion of your camper’s fee this year and want it held over until next year, we will honor the 2020 price even if the camp fee is increased in 2021.

2. If you would like your camper fee returned, we will be happy to issue you a refund of the majority of your fee, including the non-refundable portion. Since we currently use PayPal as our payment avenue and pay a fee for each transaction, we will issue your refund minus the fee.

YES! Starting in 2021 TLBC will be offering a new program called “TLBC Junior Counselors.” This program is designed for campers who would have traditionally had an off-year. Jr. Counselors will have their own cabin, with senior counselors, and learn the ropes of being a counselor while still enjoying the perks of being a camper. It is the best of both worlds! Details for this new program are still developing, so stay tuned!

We are so excited for our 2021 TLBC at Millersylvania. As of right now, we do not have the exact dates for July 2021. We will update this answer once we receive confirmation of our reservation request from the Washington State Parks Department.

YES! TLBC Virtual Adventure will be during the week of camp (July 20th-24th). Registration is free and the camp schedule is available on our TLBC Virtual Adventure page on our website.

Registration for our TLBC Virtual Adventure is FREE. Registration will be available on the TLBC Virtual Adventure page of our website starting June 1st.

YES! TLBC Virtual Adventure will have its own camp shirt. Since we are not charging for our virtual camp adventure, we are asking families to pay for camp shirts this year. If you would like to purchase a camp shirt for your camper(s), there is a place on the registration to order one. Shirts cost $20 each and include delivery to your door. And since anyone at home can participate in TLBC this year, you can order one for anyone in the family!

Our live-stream events include nightly campfire at 8pm (starting Monday July 20th and ending Friday July 24th), Morning Worships Tuesday through Friday at 10 am, and Bible studies Tuesday through Friday at with times for different ages. While nothing on the internet is 100% safe, our staff will be monitoring each live-stream event and we have several safeguards in place to make our meeting rooms a safe as possible.

YES! During the week of camp, our TLBC Virtual Adventure page on our website will include special videos and activities that can be done at home throughout the week.

YES! Our older Bible study group is for 6th-8th graders this year. Since TLBC Virtual Adventure is literally happening in your house, we will leave it up to your discretion who can participate. Just like normal, everyone in our TLBC family is welcome to partake in campfires. Plus, our activities that aren’t live-streamed and are on our website can be used by everyone.